My focus is to help you learn about good food: What it truly is, how to use it, why to use it, and to give you the tools and information you need to make good food a workable part of your everyday life.

A kitchen is a living, breathing space where we translate intent and knowledge into food to heal, nourish and delight. We are what we eat!

Class objectives:

  • To develop the knowledge base necessary for you to implement good food in your everyday life. This knowledge base covers both the ingredients used and what makes up good food.
  • To broaden your knowledge and to inspire.
  • To include goals and recipes that are practical and all your family would love!
  • To help you use the skills and knowledge to enrich your life. This can happen in a number of ways … it may be as simple as adding some new and delicious recipes to your cooking. It may be more complex – helping you understand how to eat more healthfully to have more energy, to loose weight etc.
  • How to be a healthy vegetarian or vegan if that is your path.
  • If you are on a restricted diet – wheat or gluten free etc – how to do that healthfully, deliciously and without deprivation.
  • To have a fun and enjoyable experience.

Most of my classes are from 4 – 5  hours, so there is enough time for you to have your questions answered. All classes include all recipes and generous tastings.

Want to learn how to cook real Spanish meals? Spanish cooking classes are also available, bring a taste of Spain at home!

When do we start? Everyone suits in these classes! For cooking lovers, foodies or even for those who think they can't cook!

Public (both individual and group) classes are available under request.


Sweet treats can be healthier!

A taste of Spain! Paella and fresh tomato salad.

Homemade tastes better, yummy!
Ham pineaple onions, homemade wholewheat pizza dough.